• to be both a friendly companion

    The Labrador Retriever was bred

  • fetching ropes, and retrieving fish from the chilly North Atlantic

    Labrador's can do

Belgian malinois speed compared to border collies

The Border CollieĀ is a speedy and agile herder with a top speed between 20-30mph, a speed they can maintain as […]

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How to train a dog in a proper way

Dog training in proper way A well-trained dog is a happy dog as he knows his position in his human […]

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Labrador is the Number 1 Canine Dog in the World

Labrador Retrievers are wearing Canine DOG. They were initially reproduced to recover winged creatures, similar to birds. With Labs helping […]

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The Basic Dog Obedience Training

The Basic Dog Obedience Training Keep in mind that puppies have short attention spans, and it is unreasonable to expect […]

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